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Customs Clearance

We clear customs transactions for our customers, including all documents, papers and all procedures, with the required accuracy and speed.

Shipping Services

We help our customers with all shipping services, including air freight, sea freight, road freight, and auto shipping services.

Logistics Services

We contribute to facilitating import and export operations and provide all technical and legal advice.


About Us

Shipping and customs clearance company

Hany AbdelDayem Office (Shipping and Customs Clearance Company in Egypt) is one of the largest leading companies in providing shipping, customs clearance, import and export services as it has a group of specialists in all areas of shipping, customs clearance, international trade, import and export from all global markets and we have representatives in all customs ports They have the necessary experience and competence that enables them to work to complete all procedures for our clients accurately, safely and professionally and in the specified time in all ports of the republic.

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  • Secure Transportation
  • World Wide Most Effective Business
  • Easy And Quick Problem Analysis
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Our Services

We provide shipping and customs clearance services for goods from Egyptian ports and airports intended for export or import

(Export - import - transit - drawback - and temporary admission Cairo Airport - Alexandria Port - Sokhna Port - Port Said)


Freight forwarding services

Shipping and transportation of goods from one place to another and from one state to another, either by sea freight through ports by ships, air freight through airports by aircraft, or land freight by trucks.

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Customs clearance services

Customs clearance services for goods from ports and airports. Hani Abdel Dayem's office is distinguished by providing the best, cheapest and fastest customs clearance services in Egypt, facilitating customs procedures and creating customs exemptions.

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Import and export services

Import and export services for goods to and from all countries of the world, and Hani Abdel Dayem's office is distinguished by providing the best, cheapest and fastest import and export services in Egypt and at your service around the clock.


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