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Shipping and customs clearance company

Hany AbdelDayem Office (Shipping and Customs Clearance Company in Egypt) is one of the largest leading companies in providing shipping, customs clearance, import and export services as it has a group of specialists in all areas of shipping, customs clearance, international trade, import and export from all global markets and we have representatives in all customs ports They have the necessary experience and competence that enables them to work to complete all procedures for our clients accurately, safely and professionally and in the specified time in all ports of the republic.

and providing ACI services
and ACID coefficients
From the number to the completion of customs procedures

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About Us

Hany AbdelDayem Office

We deal through the largest and most famous networks of documented and accredited shipping agents all over the world: From some of our agents in the Asia region (China - Malaysia - Taiwan - Thailand - Japan - Korea - Hong Kong Singapore - India Taiwan and others ..... from some of our agents. In the region of Europe (Turkey - France - Germany - Spain - Holland - Belgium - England - Switzerland - Austria - and others ... some of our agents in the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia - UAE - Kuwait - Bahrain - and other Arab countries ... And also our agents in (America - Canada - Russia - Australia - Brazil - Argentina - and others ..... in addition to our agents in the Arab and African region -. To meet the requirements of global shipping traffic. Shipping lines keep pace with the quantity and volume of circulation for our containers and with monthly and annual shipments and meet According to the desires of our customers, we have concluded contracts with most shipping lines so that we can secure and provide any size of containers in the case of large shipments and projects, and this gives us the right to obtain extremely distinguished prices. to To be issued or imported to ensure the safety of the clearance process and to avoid the waste of time and money as a result of any delay.

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