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Customs clearance

It is known that different countries have ports for the entry of goods, whether in air, sea or land ports, in which the goods entering these countries are examined and charges called customs duties are imposed on them, which are imposed on all goods and shipments except for certain exceptions depending on the circumstances. The owner of the goods or the agent needs to carry out the customs clearance process, which means submitting the required documents to facilitate import and export, and the owner or his agent is responsible for the goods during the examination and evaluation, and the payment of fees and receipt after the completion of the process. And all shipments, whether import or export, need to fulfill customs clearance procedures for each country. Customs clearance is an administrative procedure required to allow the entry or exit of certain goods to and from different countries, and this must be done by an approved customs broker, and this includes disclosure of information related to the imported or exported shipment as well as the parties involved in the process.

The party responsible for carrying out the customs clearance process is known as the customs agent or customs broker, and he represents the importer or exporter, deals with customs authorities and is responsible for disseminating customs information or notices from the customs office to his client, and is also responsible for paying taxes and duties on behalf of the importer or exporter. We at El Alamia Group provide customs clearance service, as we have a highly skilled and specialized team in performing customs duties. Customs clearance may include payment of taxes and fees, depending on the type of goods and the country of origin.

Freight forwarding services

Hany AbdelDayem's office provides shipping and transportation services for goods from one place to another and from one country to another, either by sea freight through ports by ships or air freight through airports by aircraft or land freight by trucks, and Hani Abdel Dayem's office is distinguished by providing the best, cheapest and fastest shipping services in Egypt, whether Air, land or sea, and it is also keen to provide the latest services to ensure the protection of the shipment or goods from receiving it until it reaches the desired place.


Import and export services

Import and export Import is one of the processes in which goods and services are bought from a foreign country to sell them in the local markets, while export is the supply of local goods to the foreign market, and the importance of each of them lies in increasing job opportunities, improving the level of markets, and improving the economy.


A Cargo Pre-Registration System (ACI)

What is ACI?

The Cargo Pre-Registration System (ACI) is a new customs system based on the availability of shipment data and documents (commercial invoice and final or initial bill of lading) at least 48 hours before shipment so that the concerned authorities can monitor any risk to the country through the system Risk management, whereby the Egyptian state places top priority to ensure the security of its citizens

What are the benefits of the ACI?

Protecting the Egyptian citizen from unidentified or source goods Reducing the release time and thus the cost of releasing the goods Using data and electronic documents and dispensing with paper documents

Who is affected by the ACI?

Importers Exporters or suppliers (foreign) Companies involved in customs clearance Sea / Air Shipping Companies

When will ACI be implemented?

Stages of ACI implementation: The first phase - a trial run phase, starting April 1, 2021 The second stage - the stage of mandatory employment as of July 1, 2021

What is block-chain technology?

Block-chain is a technology that allows a person (or company) to transfer data or documents of value to another person safely and without any intermediary intervention. A block-chain is simply a chain of records or static blocks of data, and it is managed by a group of computers not owned by an entity. Data blocks (in short, block) are secured and linked together using coding principles

How does block-chain technology work?

Block-chain is a simple and innovative way to pass information from Person A to Person B in a fully automated and secure manner. One of the parties initiates the transaction by creating a block. That block is verified by thousands, possibly millions, of computers distributed throughout the network. Then the verified block is added to a stored chain in the network, creating a unique record linked to other records. To falsify a single record, the entire series has to be falsified on millions of computers. This is practically impossible.

Who are the (Authorized) Block-chain Service Providers?

Cargo X CargoX developed the BDTS (Blockchain Documentation Transaction System) platform. Blockchain Documentation Transaction System BDTS offers a platform with many applications. The Smart B / L ™ application is the most popular. CargoX has built an open system based on block-chain technology and decentralized encrypted data storage which It will enable the creation and exchange of information and documents

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